About Entropay gambling sites

October 16, 2021

These accept Indian Rupee (INR) as a payment method. When using betting sites that accept rupee, this is perfect. Unfortunately, as I detailed in my article on how to use Skrill from India, the setup process can be difficult. Entropay betting sites are a way to bet on today’s cricket matches right now.

Entropay is a similar e-wallet to Neteller, Skrill, and PayPal. It only accepts USD, EUR, and GBP as account currencies. You can also use your INR currency debit card to fund your EntroPay account.

When cashing out, the money is converted to INR. EntroPay is unique in that balances are linked to a Virtual Visa Card. You can use your balance to make deposits at gambling sites and to make purchases at any website that accepts Visa.

EntroPay will act as a go-between for your debit or credit card and online betting sites. To begin, fund your EntroPay account with a debit or credit card. After that, make a deposit at a gambling place. Your bank would not know this as gambling because they just see the word EntroPay. This is why they are known as an intermediary.

From India, you can open an EntroPay account.india entropay

It’s very easy to open an account with EntroPay. At www.entropay.com, follow the sign-up instructions. To finance your account, you’ll need a Visa or MasterCard, either debit or credit. If you just have Maestro, check out my post on how to use Maestro with EntroPay.

However, you must register your card with Verified by Visa or MasterCard SecureCode in order for it to function. Some Indian banks also refer to this as 3D Secure Code.

SecureCode (Visa/MasterCard) verification

Safe Code (3D) India is a country in South Asia. When you make an EntroPay deposit, you’ll be asked to enter your Verified by Visa / MasterCard SecureCode.

If you miss this phase, your transactions will suffer. This is because the payment is made in the currency of your account, which is either USD, GBP, or EUR. International transactions and currency exchange are not pre-enabled on Indian bank debit cards.

Foreign currency and international transactions are made possible by registering for the 3D Secure code. Enrollment instructions are usually provided when you first load EntroPay. If not, see my post on registering a 3D Secure Code on an Indian Debit Card. There’s a list of famous Indian banks there, as well as links to register your card online.

Using EntroPay to Make a Depositdeposit

You can deposit money into your EntroPay account anywhere that accepts Visa. EntroPay is also accepted by a large number of online betting sites. If you see this, make sure to choose EntroPay as your deposit option. This allows you to withdraw your winnings to EntroPay at a later date. It is simple to transfer funds between betting sites using this feature.

Transferring Funds from EntroPay to Your Bank Account

Your EntroPay balance can be withdrawn electronically to a nearby Indian bank account. Log into your account, press the ‘EntroPay Card’ tab, and then pick the card on which you have a balance. After that, go to ‘Transfer Funds,’ enter the sum you want to withdraw, and then go to ‘New Bank Account.’

There is a prompt here for you to enter your bank account information and confirm the order. The money will arrive in your local Indian bank in about 7 business days after confirmation.